Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dear Johrdon and Carsyn,


I pray that you always stay focused and pursue whatever dreams come to your beautiful mind.

With High Hopes for you,

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Noah... Abraham ... Joseph...Moses

Faith... Leadership... Responsibility ... God

We as parents can't physically save our children's soul. We can try to control them as much as we want,but ultimately the choice is theirs to serve God and be a faithful servant. A parents job is to create a foundation within them that will remain with them to always look to Jesus when things are good and bad. Lets admit it times are definitely not the same as they were when we were kids. Children just don't go outside anymore, simple games like "Simon Says" and "Red Light, Green Light" hardly exist. Sabbath school and Sunday school isn't like it was back in the day when we were young. I remember Vacation Bible School being the highlight of the summer.. But not nowadays with our children . So parents it's up to us to put the foundation within our kids . Lately the "lifetime " channel has been running the series "The Bible" on TV.. Go figure that's how are kids are somewhat learning of the bible, off TV ... So anyways me and the kids sat down and watched it .. My son Christian the 12 year old and my daughter Johrdon the 8 year old were very interested in watching it and paid attention throughout the whole 2 hours ... Well as for my 5 year old it just scared the mess out of her and she had to sleep with her lights on. I was super excited that my children had so much interest in "The Bible" series and the stories that were shown. They asked question after question and they even googled a couple of things that I myself couldn't answer for them. I went to bed that night praying "Lord as a parent how can I keep my kids interested in you outside of church". I pondered all week and came up with this:

Meet Noah, Abraham , Joseph and Moses !!!!

Yes people you are looking at goldfish... 4 of them to be exact but this is how I used them with my children to teach them about God and responsibility. I lined the goldfish up in a row and called the children in the room. I introduced the fish as Noah , Abraham , Joseph and Moses. Of course the kids wanted to name them something else but I had to explain to them why their names were such and the responsibility that each of them would have with their new pets. The depth of character within the people of the Biblical stories is astounding. They faced great challenges and overcame them with faith and endurance. For kids today, there is much to learn from these ordinary people who made decisions that transformed them into extraordinary legends. Our children are in dire need of that level of conviction and determination. The characters of the Bible can teach them and us parents a great deal.
I started with the first fish Noah:
I told the kids how In Genesis 6, God is despairing over the wickedness that has overtaken humanity. Reluctantly, he decides to wipe out the human race and start from scratch. Noah, however, is the only one who has not been corrupted. You know the story. God tells him to build an ark that will save him, his family, and a whole host of animal life. As he is boarding the ark, God says to him, “for you alone I have seen to be righteous before Me in this time.” Literally the whole world was doing what was wrong. But did that deter Noah from doing what was right? Not a chance!
So Noah was given to my son Christian; he has been following the crowd at school lately and not being his own leader so I told him "Leaders do what’s right even if they are alone, pay attention to Noah's blueprint and u can't go wrong".

The second fish Moses was given to Johrdon I told them how God has to be very convincing in order to get Moses to take action in Exodus 3. Moses at first gives excuse after excuse as to why he isn’t the right guy for the job. When he finally does answer his calling, Moses, approaches Pharaoh and boldly passes on the iconic message: “Let my people go.” The Israelites, Moses’ native people, had been enslaved by Egypt and Moses was the one enlisted to lead them to freedom. When the time came, Moses was willing to step up have faith and lead. So JoJo (Johrdon) got Moses because her and her baby sister are always fighting . I tell her "look you are suppose to take care of her and look out for her, your baby sister looks up to you." Leaders stick up for their people don't hurt your little sister love her and have her back.

The baby girl Carsyn gets Joseph the third fish. Every time she loses a game while playing with anyone she cries and gets very other words she's a sore loser.. So I tell them the story of Joseph. The story of Joseph beginning in Genesis 37 is powerful. The guy had a pretty tough life. He was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers. His father was told that he was killed by a wild animal. In the end, though, Joseph became the leader of all Egypt–second only to the Pharaoh himself. When there is a famine, he is then able to save his family from starvation. He tells his brothers when he sees them again that, though they meant harm, God orchestrated the events to put Joseph in a position to save them. I explain to Carsyn that leaders have a vision that sustains them through difficult times. Although you may lose at something it only makes you stronger and God has something better for you.

The fourth fish Abraham goes to me. I tell the kids about Abraham. God approaches Abraham in Genesis 12 and tells him to “Go forth from your country, and from your relatives and from your father’s house, to the land which I will show you.” In other words, Abraham is instructed to leave his comfort zone and march onward into uncertainty. God even told Abraham to sacrifice his own son. Although it hurt his heart to be instructed by God to sacrifice his son, Abraham had to trust God and his promises .As a parent and an adult, managing risk and uncertainty is a daily task. I tell them mommy doesn't know everything and my faith is what gets me thru the bad times and to embrace uncertainty because God will never leave us. I tell them I know the truth: the promised land awaits me on the other side if I do the things that God asks of me even when I don't want to and that I will be rewarded for my faith and sacrifices.
The kids took their fish and ran off to their rooms excited. I took my fish Abraham down to my room sat him on my nightstand and watched him swim around for a while. Although I don't understand the path that God is leading me on right now I pray for a stronger faith. My job, wealth, love and health are all up in the air without a permanent direction, but I know what God promised me. He says "I'll fight your battles, if you will only trust me." So me and Abraham are going to stick it out.. He is my reminder that God said I could have it.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nobody Cares When I'm Sick...

I'm sick... but I'm not sick... No really I'm sick!!!... But I can't be sick ... Because when I'm sick the kids can't wake up for school, or know to wash your face and brush your teeth... put your clothes on... hurry ... hurry we are going to be late... don't forget your belt... brush your hair... Where is your bookbag?...Did you grab your homework?... hurry...hurry we are going to be late to the bus... grab some breakfast...grab your coats...we make it to the bus... we kiss and say goodbyes... Whew I few minutes to be sick... because I am sick... but I'm not sick because my life does not stop because I am sick....

Thank You to my wonderful kids that let me be sick when I got back home tonight... they let me lay in the bed and eat my soup and drink my tea ... I didn't have to say ...shower... do your homework... eat your food...stop running...get your school clothes ready... go to bed... didn't I say stop running.... go to bed... they did it all without me nagging... I'm sick... but I'm not sick... No really I'm sick... But I can't be sick... Goodnight SWAKlife....

Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's okay to ask for help at any age...

One of my greatest fears is not being the mother, spiritual example, supporter, counselor, teacher and friend that my children can be proud of... I still have a lot to teach and show them... I haven't accomplished it all, but I have done a few things. As parents sometimes we have to show our kids to actually show them. We have to show them that mommy isn't perfect either, sometimes grownups need help to. One evening I had got the oldest kids in the bed and my baby girl who likes to stay up later than everybody else came down to my room. At the time I was doing my homework for my Financial Accounting class so I had my textbook out, scratching numbers here and there on a sheet of paper. Baby girl looked at me and said, “Are you learning your numbers just like me mommy?"... I said, "Yes baby girl"... She looked at my paper and said, “Humph looks like you need help from your teacher just like me mommy,"... I looked at my child, laughed and said, “Yes baby, mommy needs a lot of help with this class," ... She made a funny face and said, "You know it's ok to raise your hand and ask questions right?"... I said, "Yes baby, I know that. Thank you for your advice,"... Baby girl then asks me, “Why do grownups have to go to school still?", ...I said, " Well, sometimes grownups go back to school to learn more things so that they can move to higher positions at work,"... She looked at me with a mad face, slapped her hand on her forehead and said, "Oh my goodness, I am never going to get out of school,"... I laughed tapped her on the bottom and told her to go to bed...LOL... The more I thought about it, the more I said I can make this situation a small lesson for the kids.
To make a long story short I hated Financial Accounting in undergrad and I for sure hate it at the graduate level. So I called my teacher to let her know that I was struggling and what could I do? She advised me that the best thing to do was to attend study hall for the class on Tuesday evenings... I'm like great one more thing to add to the Tuesday schedule outside of gymnastics and drumline... But I had to do it or I am not going to pass this class. So Tuesday rolled around everyone got out of their practices around 7:00pm... study hall for this class is from 6:30pm to 9:30pm... I'm tired but of course the party doesn’t stop, plus my kids just don't believe that their mom is in school... I get them to my school tell them to bring their homework in and we were all going to study hall. My son makes a crazy face like "yeah right lady"... the girls grab their book bags excited... We get inside I show them my classrooms, the computer lab, the small library... the teacher even let them come in during my study hall session to see what their mom actually does during that one day a week away from them when I get home super late. They loved every bit of it! They had an understanding of what mommy means when she says she has class tonight. They grasps the concept of asking their teacher for help when they don't understand.
There is not a lot of spare time in mine and the kid’s schedule, so sometimes I have to make life examples out of the little things and use it as a learning tool. I got help with my homework at my study hall, and the kids were able to finish their homework and learn a small life lesson... It’s ok to ask for help at any age...I have promised my kids a lot within my dreams. I haven't fulfilled all of it yet, but it’s coming...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Support...Empowerment ...

This morning I didn't even have to tell the kids to get up and get dressed. My typical Sunday morning is a lot of rushing and fussing just to get everyone ready and together to make it on time. Today was different though... It was different because the kids were excited to go and support their friend Kennedy sing her first solo in her choir. Support and Empowerment for others has to begin and taught early . I told the kids the night before what we were going to do and I explained the importance of supporting each other and believing in each other . Kennedy was so excited to see her friends. Their smiles gave me hope ... Their empowerment made me smile. Parents lets teach our kids to inspire each other . They are the next generation to lead this world. Just think if we had a world full of inspirers believers & empowered leaders... It's up to us!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Point Of It All....

 Let me tell you about a LOVE story…
On December 27, 2000 my life completely changed forever … My son was born … I was 22 at the time… Young, dumb, na├»ve… I had no clue of who I was …For 9months I was terrified out of my mind… I was making a baby inside my body… Lord what does that mean? What am I supposed to do now? At the time I had a husband in my life, but the truth remains that a man has the choice to walk away at any time …As for me …this little life belong to me… thru God I made him, my blood, my skin, my eyes… I am solely responsible… So many thoughts ran thru my mind… What if I didn’t make him proud? What if I failed him as a mother?... It was all moving too fast… I wasn’t ready… I watched my belly grow, I felt him move… I knew I had been given a job that was more important than anything else I could have ever imagined… Christian came into this world … I looked at his face… Our eyes met… from there my son saw right thru me…every fault, every error I had ever made, every untruth, every fear… He saw it all… From that very moment I transformed, my heart changed… I had a job to do, God trusted me enough to put this healthy soul in my arms so I must provide... Honestly I have made many more mistakes since then but I’ve never stopped trying to do better, learn more and live fuller. Even in my darkest hours of life when I wanted to just give up… I had to dust off my feelings and keep it moving… Christian's life gave my life so much meaning…It gave me purpose.
 Lately I have been stressing out so much about my purpose in this life… I mean like literally crying, praying and misunderstanding why I wake up, walk around and go to work everyday to a job that makes me feel so numb. Here I am thinking I should be the next Beyonce, Oprah, and Michelle Obama… Like where is my door? Where is my chance?  I was talking to a close friend about my feelings and that friend told me that it takes a lifetime to discover one’s purpose.  My friend said that God uses your life and its experiences to show you that he is in control of your purpose and when you are ready to handle what his purpose is for your life than you will know… This good friend said Nikee look at your life… You have three beautiful children… No you are not the next Beyonce, Oprah, Barack or Michelle… But your children have the chance to be… Your purpose is your children… You do what you are supposed to do by them and your purpose has been fulfilled…
The light bulb flashed on PEOPLE… Here I am searching for something that has been right in front of me the whole time… My purpose… Christian, Johrdon and Carsyn….
My purpose is to provide, nurture and guide them… I need a better world for them… Honestly children teach you more about life than anything else… They wake up every day with a light in their eyes that shows no fear, patience and no judgment… to try this world one more time… Just give it a chance MOM is what their smiles say… indescribable LOVE…There is just something about it, you can’t break it, find words to describe it, or alter it.  It told me I was here for a reason… a purpose… I promised my kids a lot, and I haven’t fulfilled all of it yet, but it’s coming.
 Use everything that happens to you, for you. If you don’t like it, change it, if it’s not working, fix it.  If anything that you have been through in your life up to this point was meant to stop you, it would have… it’s all been for your good whether you understood it or not… I know it’s not about me… this world…this life … these kids… on any level. That’s why I thank God for grace and mercy because I’m blessed to be able to serve, inspire and motivate.  This good friend looked at my life and said " to do what you do every day you have to be a believer". That I am… It’s hard sometimes…actually 95% of the time I am praying to the Lord to help me get up out this bed… but Love won’t let me wait… I have a purpose… Good Love is for teachers, forgivers and builders…It’s reserved for people who are willing to put in the work. .. I am proud to be a mother, and I am thankful… God knew exactly what he was doing… When I think about what I WOULD have been doing right now instead… believe me I wouldn’t trade it… Thank You God for this LOVE….

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Humor SWAKparents ;0D!!!

A mother passing by her daughters bedroom was astonished 2 see the bed was nicely made & everything was picked up. Then she saw an envelope propped up on the center of the bed. It was addressed, "Mom". With the worst premonition, she opened the envelope with trembling hands: "Dear Mum, it is with great regret & sorrow ...that im writing 2 u, i had 2 elope with my new boyfriend because i wanted 2 avoid a scene with u & Dad. Ive been finding real passion with him & he is so nice, even with all his piercings, tattoos, beard & motorcycle clothes. But its not just the passion Mum, im pregnant & he said that we will b very happy. He already owns a trailor in the woods & has a stack of firewood 4 the whole winter. He wants 2 have many more children with me & that is now one of my dreams 2. He taught me that marijuana doesn't really hurt anyone & we'll b growing it 4 us & trading it with his friends 4 all the cocaine & ecstasy we want. In the meantime we'll pray that science finds a cure 4 AIDS so he can get better, he sure deserves it! Don't worry Mum, im 15yrs old now & i know how 2 take care of myself. Someday im sure we'll b back 2 visit so u can get 2 know yr grandchildren. Yr daughter, Sophie... P.S. Mum, none of the above is true. I'm over at the neighbors house. I just wanted 2 remind u that there r worse things in life than my report card thats in my desk top drawer. I love u! Call me when it is safe 2 come home.."